Senior Camp

June 8-11 Camp Sugarpine

Camp Speaker: Rev. Joel McCoy
Camp Principal: Rev. Steve Caballero

Western District Senior Camp is for the fellowship and development of single young people and young adults (ages 14-24) who are not parents and have never been married. This event takes place at Camp Sugar Pine on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park and lasts 3 nights and 4 days. At camp, young people have the opportunity to draw closer to God, fellowship, and participate in sports.  You will want to take advantage of this opportunity!


$230 per-camper.

$100 camper pre-registration deposit deadline: June 1, 2019.

$250 per-camper after June 1, 2019 if not pre-registered.

$100 per staff member.

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Staff Members

$100 – per staff member (if approved). If a staff member is approved, he or she will be sent information to complete a background check.

Note: Staff will pay upon approval and arrival at the campsite.

Camper Application

Campers must complete an online application and have a signed signature sheet. They must also pay the pre-registration deposit of $100 or the tuition in-full to secure their spot. The registration payment page may be found here.

#1. Fill out our online Application

Online Application

#2. You must have a signed Signature Sheet when you arrive at Senior Camp.

Signature Sheet

Staff Application

Staff must complete an online application and bring a signed Signature sheet to the campsite. A background check will be required of all staff members once approved. The age requirement to work as Staff at Senior Camp is 25 years old and above.

#1. Fill out our online Application

Online Application

#2. You must have a signed Signature Sheet when you arrive at Senior Camp.

Signature Sheet


All campers will wear sleeves to the elbow. No shorts will be worn. The dresses of the ladies will be worn so as to cover their knees. Necklines will be modest and decent. Tight fitting clothes shall not be worn. No makeup or jewelry will be worn. No skirts or dresses with slits above the knees. Also, in keeping with the unity of the district, we ask that there be no mustaches or beards.


1. No one is to bring matches, fireworks, knives, radios, or any device that would be dangerous or disruptive to the camp.
2. All campers commuting to and from the camp are under the responsibility of the parents and guardian.
3. Campers are not allowed to leave the grounds after they register with camp principal or head counselor.
4. All campers are expected to be prompt at all meals and meetings unless excused by the camp principal or head counselor.
5. All campers are required to attend all classes, chapel, recreational activities, and services.
6. Boys are not permitted to enter the area of the girls’ dorms, and girls are not permitted to enter the area of the boys’ dorm. This also means they should not be in the area of the other’s baths or showers.
7. All athletic equipment (personal or camp) and facilities are under control of the recreation director and may only be used as instructed by the director.
8. Every staff member and camper must be responsible for his or her own bedding and personal property. All should give respect to the camp facilities and property of others.
9. Any camper defacing any property or tampering with property of another must pay the damage incurred and can be expelled immediately.
10. Absolute reverence is expected from every camper during chapel, classes, and services. Enter these sessions with a spirit of reverence, and leave as orderly as possible.
11. Staff and campers are required to stay in their dorms each night. No lights or noise, which disturbs others, will be permitted.
12. All campers are to remain in their assigned areas of sleeping. No switching is permitted without consent of the head counselor.
13. In the interest of protecting the privacy of each camper, image technology (still and video) shall not be used as such in bathrooms, showers, and dorm areas. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation of said devices till the end of camp and deletion of the content of said devices.
14. No campers will be allowed to take showers in trailers due to security purposes. All campers will take showers in shower areas. NO EXCEPTIONS!

OUR DESIRE: It is the desire of the Youth Leaders of the Western District that our Youth set a good example of the believer at all times, at home, at school, in our communities, at church and at our Youth Camps.

OUR PURPOSE: It is our purpose to provide a balanced week that will be truly remembered by all as enrichment to their Christian life. Because of this, a full week is planned for you of Spiritual enrichment, physical recreations, social activity and fellowship. THEREFORE, WE ASK ALL CAMPERS TO DRESS IN A GODLY MANNER as we are trying to produce a Christ-like atmosphere.


48478 Mill Canyon Road
Oakhurst, California 93644

Dress Attire

Morning Services: Casual

Evening Services: Business Casual

Check-in/Check-out Time

Check In: Saturday at 2:00pm / Check Out: Tuesday at 9:30am

Item Check List

Bed Sheets (twin size)

Blanket and Pillow


Mosquito Repellent






Snack Bar Money


Rev. Joel McCoy


Rope Course / Zip-line / Paint-ball / Archery / Canoeing / Pedal Boats / BB Guns

All activities are paid for by each individual at the camp.