I Will Abide

I love reading the story of Lazarus. When Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick in John chapter 11, He did not travel to Bethany and perform a miracle. He loved Lazarus, but the Bible says He stayed where He was and “abode” there for two days.

Sometimes “abiding” may not seem like a needed or desired priority – especially as young people and young adults! Our flesh often wants to rush to fix the issue and do it our way – instead of standing still and knowing that He is God. But to Jesus, “abiding” was a priority at that moment.

We’ve got to remember that with God, nothing “just happens.” He is working all things together for our good. Often-times because of our flesh, we get our priorities mixed up and try to get to Bethany to fix the problem – when perhaps the Lord just wants us to “abide” so that at the end of the day, He alone gets the glory for everything we are going through.

By definition, the only way a resurrection can take place is something first has to die. How can God intervene and fix the issue, if we keep trying to resurrect it? The reality is that we sometimes refuse to let things die that are supposed to die – all because part of our human nature is to try and control things. We fear the unknown. We get our priorities mixed up and we try to keep something alive that is supposed to pass on. This leaves us worn out, tired, emotionally drained, and frustrated. Trying to breathe life into bones that only the spirit can resurrect. Jesus’ priority wasn’t to get to where Lazarus was to save the day. His priority was to just “abide” and let Lazarus die – because He knew a resurrection was coming!

Until some things die in our lives and we align our priorities with what God truly values, He can never do a completed work. Stop trying to control things you don’t understand and trying to resurrect things that only God can bring back to life in His own time. Just learn to “abide.”

Have questions about your life? Trust and abide. Wondering what your future is? Trust and abide. Asking why some things are taking place? Trust and abide. Timing is everything with God!

Four days later, Jesus and His disciples come to Bethany and Lazarus has died. Jesus walks to the grave and commands him to come forth! Now Lazarus is living again because God and God alone has wrought a miracle.

Why did He wait for four days? The people in that day believed that the soul remained with the body for three days after death. Even the pagans believed that the gods could not revive someone who had been dead for more than three days. So, by “abiding” until Lazarus had been dead for four days, Jesus was demonstrating the power of His miracle. He was showing everyone that HE was the resurrection and the life!

With God, death is really only the beginning.

Let wrong priorities die this year. Let personal ambitions die. Let your pride die. And let God resurrect the right things in your life so that He alone gets the glory! While your “abiding,” seek first His kingdom. Get your mind in His word. Get rid of distractions. Respond to His calling.

2019 is a year of priorities. Let’s make God first in everything we do – even if we have to “abide” for a while and let some things pass on. A resurrection is coming!